8 Barbecue Grilling Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Here are eight barbecue grilling tips to make your outdoor cooking more enjoyable. Most people just fire up the grill – be it natural gas, propane or charcoal and start cooking.

Do you like to cook outdoors using a barbecue grill?

Well, here are eight grilling tips that will help you make sure that what you cook tastes as good as or even better than you or your guests expect.

Tip #1 Clean Grates

Make sure the cooking grates are clean. Use a brass wire brush to clean any debris or residue from the cooking grates.

If the grill is dirty, heat the cooking grates first and then apply the brass wire brush before you start grilling.

Tip #2 Preheat the Grill

Preheat the grill with the hood closed for at least 10 minutes. If you have a gas grill, turn the burners on high.

For charcoal, all of the briquettes must be glowing red. The temperature should reach 500 degrees. This will heat the cooking grates so any items to be grilled will be seared properly.

Tip #3 How to Apply Oil

Never put oil on the cooking grates directly, especially when the cooking grates are hot. Apply any oil directly to the food.

This will prevent sticking and add flavor to the food. These grilling tips are important.

Tip #4 Heat Management

Manage the heat in your grill. For food products that will cook quickly (such as steak), put them over direct heat.

For items that cook slowly (ribs) put them on a portion of the grill without direct heat below. Items cooked slowly will take longer but will be juicier and more succulent if you want to cook items longer.

Tip #5 Proper Air Flow

Keep the hood closed as much as possible but keep air flowing. On a charcoal grill open the vents for the proper air flow. Gas grills get air from below the burners so it is not a problem.

The proper air flow will keep the cooking grates hot. Keeping the hood closed will also trap the smoke when the grease juices and fats vaporize in the grill.

A constant temperature will speed up the cooking time. Keeping the hood closed will provide a more constant cooking temperature.

Tip #6 When to Turn your Food

Allow the food to caramelize and brown on the grill. Do not constantly turn the food. You should only turn food one time on the grill.

Tip #7 Avoid Flare Ups

Occasional flare ups are normal for grilling. Manage the heat. If you have many flare ups, move the food to indirect heat until the flare ups subside.

Once the flare ups have stopped, move the food back to direct heat and finish cooking.

Tip #8 Adjusting the Cooking Times and Temperature

Adjust the cooking times and temperature dependent upon outside conditions. Most recipe times and temperatures are assuming outside ambient air at sea level and seventy degrees.

If you are cooking in the winter when the outside temperature is low, you will have more heat loss and need to cook longer. Likewise if you are cooking at a higher altitude, the charcoal and gas will burn at higher temperatures.

Implement these eight barbecue grilling tips and you will have more success with your outdoor cooking experiences.